My new job description

"Mad scientist by day, bike mechanic by night" seems to be pretty accurate.

The mad scientist part hasn't changed for quite some years now, but the bike mechanic part is somewhat much more demanding than I expected. Currently there are more bikes than people in my house: Ann, David, and I each has one (the relatively trouble-free trio), while Alyssa and Vivian share three bikes of different sizes between them (the source of all my trouble).

Every day I get home, I'd be greeted with:

"Daddy, I have a flat tire."
"Daddy, I need to take my training wheels off."
"Daddy, I need to put my training wheels back on."
"Daddy, my saddle is too high."
"Daddy, my saddle is too low."
"Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH".

I am not complaining, I do enjoy riding and working on bikes. It's just that I've never dreamed of running a bike shop when I grow up, let alone managing a team. Now if I can get a dollar for every job, I'll be rich really soon.
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