Off to a good start

The two pens that I ordered in the end of last year both arrived today. Not sure if I should count them as my 2008 pens or 2009 pens. Anyway, I am thrilled to have a good start on the pen front.

The first one, a Namiki/Pilot Falcon, is simply amazing to write with. I don't feel comfortable flexing the soft nib, but the springy feeling really makes it a wonderful writer.

The second one, a Levenger True Writer Fireball, is a pen/ink combo. I was a bit surprised to see that the color is such a bright orange-red (I was expecting a fiery red). Looks like this can work as a good highlighting ink.

While playing with these new pens are a lot of fun, updating the wish list is even better. Some of the pens that caught my fancy at the moment are:

  • Aurora 88 (vintage)

  • Edison Pearl

  • Laban Mento (no sure which color yet)

  • Lamy 27

  • Lamy ABC

  • Lamy Safari (one can always use a couple more of these)

  • Levenger True Writer Kyoto/Fiery Amber/Sea Glass/Starry Night/Water Lilies/Carnaval

  • Libelle Autumn Leaf

  • Parker 45

  • Parker 51

  • Parker 75

  • Pilot Custom 823

  • Pilot Myu 90

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