A good trade

I have been wanting to get a pen for my dear father-in-law (who is a fellow fountain pen addict) a pen for quite sometime now but never quite sure about what to get. After all, fountain pens are quite personal (particularly for FP addicts). Surprisingly, my dilemma was easily solved this week when he saw my newly expanded Levenger True Writer collection. When I saw him showing interests in those pens, I urged him to pick whatever that caught his fancy. In the end, he picked Kyoto (I was not surprised) and Carnival (I am very surprised about this, just as my wife said when she saw me getting this pen).

I am more than happy to give the pens to my father-in-law. What I didn't expect was that he insisted on buying the pens by himself. Given that he is going back to Taiwan in a few day, the package are not likely to make it. After much persuasion, he agreed to take the pens on the condition that he will order replacements for me.

Now here is how the things got out of the hand. You put two FP addicts together in front of a computer and have them both urge the other to click that evil "Add to Cart" button, and the online pen shops are likely to see sales going through the roof. In the end, he (or we?) bought 5 new pens in one setting. What's really great for me is that my dear father-in-law insisted that I keep all 5 pens (and put them to use!) until his next visit or our next trip back to Taiwan, whichever comes first.

What can I say? I am a lucky son-in-law.
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