Can we be friends?

We went out to shop for a pair of shoes for me this afternoon. The salesman at the Dillard's was a very friendly guy and kept chatting with the kids while I tried the shoes on. One part of conversation that I overheard goes like this:

Tony: Hi, my name is Tony. Can I be your friend?
David: My friend is Peter.
Tony: Oh, I'm sure that Peter is a great guy. But can I be your friend too?
David: Ummm... Okay!

I thought that was hilarious.


Waiting for the great sale

While we were in the bookstore this evening, Alyssa saw the 20% off sign and asked me what does it mean. So I used the fairy book that she wants to buy as an example to explain the concept, instead of $5, she only has to pay $4 with the discount. She thought about it for few seconds, and responded: "Wow, that's cool. I am going to wait when they have a 100% off sale!"

Well, good luck my silly girl.


Handy daddy

Our car need to have the battery replaced, and I thought that this is a good chance to show the kids how things work. So I brought Vivian with me to an AutoZone, got a new battery, put it in the car, returned the old one to the store, and explained to her what I was doing at every step. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as expected. Here is the conversation that we had on the way home:

Me: So do you know how to replace the battery in a car now?
Vivian: Yes!
Me: Good! So you think you can do it when you grow up?
Vivian: No.
Me: Why not? Daddy just showed you how to do it.
Vivian: When I grow up and my car needs the battery to be replaced, I will just call you.

Ummm, that not the way it works okay?


Apples, grapes, pecans, and more

We took the kids to Apple Annie's Orchard in Wilcox (http://www.appleannies.com/) this afternoon. We all had a great time picking apples/pears in the orchard. Because some of the fruits are hanging so low, even David can do it without help:

On the way back, we stop at the Crop Circle Winery and I got to have a bit of fun tasting wines. I know that there are some wineries in AZ, I was just surprised to see one that is not that far away from Tucson and we happened to see it on our way home.

The nice lady at the winery told us that there's a pecan farm right down the road, so of course we made one more stop to pick up some nuts before heading home. All in all, everyone had a great day and we now have lots of farm-fresh fruits at home. :)