Handy daddy

Our car need to have the battery replaced, and I thought that this is a good chance to show the kids how things work. So I brought Vivian with me to an AutoZone, got a new battery, put it in the car, returned the old one to the store, and explained to her what I was doing at every step. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as expected. Here is the conversation that we had on the way home:

Me: So do you know how to replace the battery in a car now?
Vivian: Yes!
Me: Good! So you think you can do it when you grow up?
Vivian: No.
Me: Why not? Daddy just showed you how to do it.
Vivian: When I grow up and my car needs the battery to be replaced, I will just call you.

Ummm, that not the way it works okay?
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