Ouch the itch

Somehow I managed to stay clean from buying fountain pens since May this year. The two wonderful Japanese pens that I got (a Platinum 3776 Jade with Music nib and a Pilot/Namiki M90) have kept me occupied for quite a while. Alas, such thing is not meant to last; it appears that the resistance is futile and I was bitten by the bug yet again.

The three available colors (Autumn Leaves, Sea Breeze, and Winter Storm) in the Seasons collection by Libelle all look stunningly beautiful. Taccia is not helping either; their Momenta is very attractive in any of the five colors (Chocolate Espresso, Merlot Swirl, Marine Waves, Midnight Clouds, and Onyx Black) and I really like the Staccato in Starry Night or Lunar Blue.

Oh what to do? What to do?
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