What was I thinking?

I was going through my old files this afternoon to get rid of things that I don't need any more. A mid-term report from the Evolutionary Genetics course that I took during the first year of grad school caught my eye with the following paragraph:

"Godzilla godzillus is a large reptile species endemic to the Hollywood Desert in southern California (Emmerich 1990). Due to its popularity on pet market, human collection caused extinction of several natural populations during the past decade. Of the five remaining natural populations, three of them have very small population size (N<=60, Figure 1). To preserve the species, a captive breeding program was initiated at the Hollywood Fantasy Zoo (Emmerich 1998). However, the founding individuals used in this breeding program were all collected from one population (A1). This raises the concern that future restoration efforts will greatly change the genetic composition of the species. To access the level of genetic variation and pattern of genetic structure in remaining populations, this study collected samples from all five remaining populations in the Hollywood Desert."

I honestly don't remember doing such silly things. Good thing that they didn't kick me out of the grad program.
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