Live and learn

Just read something like this in a magazine: a child who is constantly making negative comments is not necessarily unhappy, he/she may be a deep thinker who is taking a highly analytical approach to understand the world around him/her.

I have to say that I am quite far from achieving this Zen-like state of mind.


Fiddle contest

With the encouragement from their violin teacher, Alyssa and Vivian attended their first ever fiddle contest today. It was a pretty big event in the Reid Park with a fairly large crowd.

Without any experience in competition and not having much time to practice, we only hoped that they can have the courage to go up to the stage, finish their songs, and have fun along the way. We were pleasantly surprised by how well they did. Both of them ended up in the same age group, the "Pee Wee", for kids up to 9-year old. Alyssa was the 2nd one on stage for the whole event, playing "Old Joe Clark", "Country Waltz", and "Long, Long Ago":

Vivian was the 5th one, playing "Boil 'em Cabbage Down", "See Saw", and "Long, Long Ago":

And while his sisters were busy with the contest, David had quite a lot of fun running around and having delicious kettle corns:

When the scores came out, we were really shocked. Vivian was in the 5th place and Alyssa was in the 3rd place!

They were very happy to share the good news with their teacher Ms. Laura:

It was definitely a fun day for our entire family, especially for the two girls. In addition to the medal/plaque and all other goodies, they also won some cash awards ($10 for Vivian and $25 for Alyssa). Now there are two rich girls in the house contemplating how to use all that money!


Growth record (Feb 2010)

Alyssa: 7 yr 11 mo, 132 cm, 22.7 kg.
Vivian: 6 yr 0 mo, 115 cm, 19.0 kg.
David: 3 yr 7 mo, 97 cm, 15.5 kg.