Vivian's new ride

Vivian got a 16" folding bike for her 7-yr B-day!

Everyone is so happy!


David learned to ride

Finally it is the time to get rid of all training wheels in the house!


When in doubt, ask wife

One thing that bothered me a lot after moving back to Taiwan is not having a bike to ride. When we lived in Tucson, I used to ride my bike to work everyday. While the bike commute can turn into a painful experience from time to time (e.g., riding in 100+ degree Fahrenheit with 20+ mph head wind), having the chance to spend about 2 hours everyday on my bike is quite a luxury. Unfortunately, with so many things going on at home and at work, I fell into the common trap of "if I cut out exercise, I'll have more time for X". Half a year later, this unhealthy and unwise decision started to take its toll and I decided I must get back on my bike.

I figured that there are two possible ways which I can squeeze out some time to ride from my busy schedule: one is to ride to work just like before and the other is to go out for evening rides after the kids go to bed. However, this creates a dilemma for choosing a new bike (my old bike was sold before our big move). For commuting, I will need a folding bike so I can keep it in my office and not have to worry about thieves. However, if I can stick to the plan of evening rides, a road bike will make it much more fun (and probably give me better results from the work out). As usual, I got caught in the details and couldn't make up my mind about which way to go. Days passed after my resolution to ride and I grew restless about all the missed riding opportunities. I finally talked with Ann about my dilemma and she suggested an easy solution: why not get two bike?

And that, is how I ended up with four more wheels. In case anyone is wondering, yes, the one and only reason for me to write this is to brag. :)