When in doubt, ask wife

One thing that bothered me a lot after moving back to Taiwan is not having a bike to ride. When we lived in Tucson, I used to ride my bike to work everyday. While the bike commute can turn into a painful experience from time to time (e.g., riding in 100+ degree Fahrenheit with 20+ mph head wind), having the chance to spend about 2 hours everyday on my bike is quite a luxury. Unfortunately, with so many things going on at home and at work, I fell into the common trap of "if I cut out exercise, I'll have more time for X". Half a year later, this unhealthy and unwise decision started to take its toll and I decided I must get back on my bike.

I figured that there are two possible ways which I can squeeze out some time to ride from my busy schedule: one is to ride to work just like before and the other is to go out for evening rides after the kids go to bed. However, this creates a dilemma for choosing a new bike (my old bike was sold before our big move). For commuting, I will need a folding bike so I can keep it in my office and not have to worry about thieves. However, if I can stick to the plan of evening rides, a road bike will make it much more fun (and probably give me better results from the work out). As usual, I got caught in the details and couldn't make up my mind about which way to go. Days passed after my resolution to ride and I grew restless about all the missed riding opportunities. I finally talked with Ann about my dilemma and she suggested an easy solution: why not get two bike?

And that, is how I ended up with four more wheels. In case anyone is wondering, yes, the one and only reason for me to write this is to brag. :)
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