Teaching Genetics

If you ask me which course influenced me the most during my college years, the answer would have to be Genetics. After all, I went on to get my MS and PhD in Genetics and my current job classification can be broadly defined as a geneticist. For this reason, I got this funny feeling when I was invited to give two guest lectures in the Genetics course at my old department. Was it a sense of pride? Maybe. Can I give those kids some inspiration as I got before? I certainly hope so!

I finished the first lecture today and felt exhausted afterwards. Lecturing for three hours on genome mapping and sequencing certainly is not something that one does for fun on a daily basis. I just hope that at least some kids got something useful out of it. Guess I will know in a couple of weeks after the mid-term...

On a side note, I found students with their laptops a bit distracting as an instructor. Are they so happy because I gave a good lecture? Or they found something funny on Youtube? I don't really know.
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