West Coast 101, 2012/05/27

  • My first time to attend a cycling event. The event has 10,000 people registered, people in Taiwan are really crazy about cycling!
  • Riding in a peloton is an amazing experience. Just keep an eye on the guys around me and we can easily ride at 40+ km/h without much effort.
  • Traffic control is very cool, there were police at every intersection for the event and we almost always get green lights. This is not something we can get in our daily life and it causes the illusion that we are very important people. :)
  • Going for a long bike ride with father-in-law can be a great bonding experience.
  • All the time I spent on bike this year paid off quite nicely. It took ~3.5hr for me to complete the ~100km ride and I feel great afterwards. Probably can try a century next time.
Getting ready to go. Ann is very kind and insisted to drive us there at 5AM.

On the way back, thanks to the kind person who provided this picture.

CP is right behind me.

A cute souvenir from the event.

Because the event was organized by the Hsinchu Post Office, the certificate for finishing the ride is actually a sheet of stamps. Very cool!