The Big Chicken and the really big rock in Atlanta

The Ninja 250 Club is starting the Ninja 250 Quest to encourage the members to ride to somewhere that is "special, unique, wacky, or otherwise out of the ordinary" in September. I thought that sounds like fun and decided to do just that this weekend. I did a little bit of search to find out about the remarkable/quirky landmark in the area and decided to include two destinations for my Sunday afternoon ride, the Big Chicken and the Stone Mountain.

I made a ride announcement in the forum and got response from several other members to join me for the ride. Don't know what happened but none of the people showed up, so the planned group ride became a solo ride. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ride a lot.

The Big Chicken is an interesting structure, although it doesn't look like that it is actually 56-foot high.

It was more tricky to find a spot to take a good picture of Stone Mountain. The only good spot I found was at the roadside of US78, but I feel it was too dangerous to stop there. Atlanta drivers are really crazy, most of the people are doing 25mph+ over the speed limit on the highways. I didn't want to be late for dinner at home so I gave up on finding a suitable spot for a picture, so I guess that has to wait for the next ride.

Overall I had a fun ride today to visit these two landmarks in Atlanta. This is the longest ride I took (about 161 miles round trip) since I rode to Toccoa to meet with Hugh (LDBandit) back in June for the KawiDavis Memorial Ride. At the end of the ride, I am pleasantly surprised to find my Ninja250 averaged a record high of 76.9 MPG for the trip.
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