The not-so-big chicken in Gainesville, GA

After seeing my ride to the Big Chicken in Atlanta, Hugh suggested that we do a Chicken themed ride around Georgia to find some more chicken related landmarks. So this afternoon we meet up in Gainesville, the Chicken Capital of the World, to have our picture taken with the chicken statue there. Hugh managed to get his Bandit up to the side of the statue for our photo op.

After that we made a quick stop at a 20' tall Giant Rabbit in the Rabbittown before heading home.

On the way back I spotted this eagle statue near the intersection of US-129 and I-85.

The weather is very nice and cool this afternoon. I rode a total of 106 miles today and had a really great time. After I got home Ann suggested that maybe I can try to visit all the Bull Dawgs in Athens for my next quest. That sounds like a great idea and should be a great memory after we move to other place.

I think this whole quest thing is a great idea. It gave me a better excuse and motivation to ride and I also started to see things differently. For example, I've been to Gainesville a couple times before but never make the mental link between it and the local poultry industry. On this trip I paid more attention to the business along US129 and really start to appreciate the scale of the local poultry industry. Last night I read a little bit about the local history and found it very interesting. Who would have thought that a city can make it illegal to eat chicken with forks?
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