A visit to Artlite in Atlanta

I found myself with an hour to kill in Atlanta today and decided to visit the Artlite Office Supply to enjoy my first pen store experience in the US. As it turned out, that was a great choice and I had a very good visit there.

The store has a very nice selection of pens and the people I met are great too. I only tried a Sailor 1911 with a music nib. I like the pen a lot, but can't pull the trigger at that point. Good thing that I still have this level of self-control.

I thought about this after I got home today and my conclusion is that I should really thank my wife. Just before I went to the store, Ann told me to get whatever I want/like because I probably won't have another chance to go there before we move to AZ (she even googled the address for me and encouraged me to go too). Having this kind of support, I feel I already have everything in the world (which in a way is true) and that helps a lot to control my urge of getting more toys.

Other than the Sailor, another pen that really caught my eyes is a Libelle Autumn Leaves. It is a beautiful pen, and more importantly, looking at it reminded me one of Vivian's favorite songs, "When the leaves are red and yellow in the fall". This is the first song she learned in school last fall. She enjoys singing it a lot and look really cute when she sings with all her heart. The image of Vivian singing is deeply etched in my brain and thinking about that makes me feel like my heart is melting away. I almost bought the pen for Vivian but figured I probably should wait until she is older. A Pelikano Jr. should be sufficient for a 4-year old for now.

In the end I had a great time, and better yet, went home with three bottles of new ink (PR Sherwood Green, PR Orange Crush, and Waterman Florida Blue) and a couple of Rhodia pads.
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