The wonderful morning adrenaline rush

Now that I got a new bike, I am back to the saddle for my commute.

Oh boy was the new bike a sweet ride. Before I was always wondering how those crazy people pass me with such amazing speed, now I know that the bike really makes a huge difference. Even though my muscle is not any stronger compare to a couple weeks ago, I can go much faster with ease. And I have to say, the feeling of racing to work is really fun. Despite going easy on the bike and myself for our first ride, I made a record time on my bike commute.

More importantly, I confirmed my suspicion about what was wrong with me in the last couple weeks. All my drowsiness and headache was gone after a nice adrenaline rush from the ride and I had a wonderful day at work. With that, I guess this is what I have to do:

"Hi, my name is CH and I am an adrenaline junkie."
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