How to ride 114 km home

Here is my brilliant calculation when I found myself in the middle of nowhere and started to wonder how I ever going to get home against the crazy headwind and blazing sun:

(i) Although the trip is 114 km, because I am looking at the big picture here, it is not necessary to concern about the details (such as that pesky 4 km). So, the trip is only about 110 km.
(ii) The last 30 km is along a pleasant bike path that I know like the back of my hand, so that does not really count. With this tiny adjustment, the trip is now 110 - 30 = 80 km (hey, that's nowhere close to 100 km!)
(iii) After I got out of the bed and before I realized what I committed myself to do this morning, I already rode 34 km, so there is only 80 - 34 = 46 km to go.
(iv) If I plan a short break halfway, there is only 46 /2 = 23 km to go before food/drink (and possibly a comfy chair).
(v) 23 km? That's only about half of my usual evening ride! What a piece of cake, of course I can do it! :)

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